I am the co-host of the NPR show Invisibilia, about the invisible forces that push you to do the stupid amazing things that you do. Like, other’s people’s expectations, or social norms, or your mother loving you so much she would do ANYTHING FOR YOU……which, interestingly, causes you to sputter and stall.

These are important things because if you don't know about them, don't see them, you cant do anything about them or change. 

I was tricked into radio by my dear friend the radio goddess Alix Spiegel. We went to see a movie one day and then we have different versions about what happened next but in short, I am grateful. It’s like adding another dimension to the stories I’ve always done. Plus, Lulu Miller.

You can find all the episodes of Invisibilia here, including a trailer for Season 2.  More episodes come whenever we finish them. Or as the Onion says, whenever the hell we feel like it. 

A nice review in the New Yorker. 

Season 3:

Emotions, about a trucker, who crashes into a car, in which a baby dies. And then HE sues the parents for his trauma. Also about how everything we understand about how emotions work isn't quite right. 

Future Self, about a principal at a Florida high school who hypnotized a lot of students, and then a few of them died. And really about our future selves, who inspire and also mock us.

Season 2:

The New Norm, about a group of Southern oil rig workers who cry. 

Flip the Script, about a town in Denmark that tries an entirely different approach to radicalization. 

The Secret Emotional Life of Clothes. Do clothes have the power to transform us? My story is the final one, about the tailor.

My favorites from Season 1:

Entanglement, about a woman who can physically feel what others are feeling.

How to Become Batman, about the surprising effects expectations can have on the people around them and a blind man who says he can see.


John W. Poole/John Poole for NPR  

John W. Poole/John Poole for NPR


I am also the host of Slate’s DoubleX Gabfest, where, every other week, Noreen Malone, June Thomas and I discuss topics in the news and culture women are talking about (and men are eavesdropping on).